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Author: Beyond Fifteen

Journalists & PR

Journalists and Public Relations Symbiosis: Exploring the Relationship

There are several important relationships in your life. From family and friends to professional relationships, we rely on people in different capacities. Journalists and public ...
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Marketing data analytics

The Role of Data Analytics in Marketing: Making Informed Decisions

In marketing, data analytics isn’t just a buzz phrase, it’s a way of life for marketers who are driven to make sure their clients’ digital ...
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PR Program

The ABCs of Effective PR Programs: Key Elements for Brand Success in 2023  

Unlock the power of the alphabet to create a winning plan for your PR program. Corporate reputation management strategies, more commonly referred to as public ...
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Optimizing Your Paid Search Ads

10 Expert Tips for Optimizing Your Paid Search Ads for Maximum ROI

If your brand is looking for strategies for optimizing your paid search ads to improve performance, know it’s paramount for growing return on investment (ROI). ...
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Lead Generation Campaign

5 Key Elements to a Successful Lead Generation Campaign

Public relations (PR) as an industry has experienced a significant shift throughout recent years. What once was seen solely as a top–of–funnel activity focused on awareness ...
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Copywriting for Business 101: Overcoming Writer’s Block

Effective copywriting for business is a skill that’s always in high demand, and for good reason. Whether it’s crafting a persuasive blog to entice customers ...
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Lead Nurturing

5 Proven Lead Nurturing Techniques to Boost MOFU Conversions

Lead nurturing is an important component of the conversion process during a sales cycle. As part of lead nurturing, brands continue to develop and strengthen ...
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