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What Are the Benefits of Engaging with Micro Influencers?

Using influencer marketing to promote your brand can be a great way to connect with your target audience. However, using the larger influencers can be costly, and their followers can have a wide range of demographics. We’re not even talking about celebrities. Some influencers are so famous in their own right that engaging with them can be out of reach for most brands. That’s where micro influencers come in! There are several benefits to engaging with micro influencers.

Smaller, targeted audiences – Instead of a large following with a variety of demographics, micro influencers tend to have smaller audiences, giving brands the opportunity to get highly targeted exposure.

Cost-effective – With a smaller following comes a more affordable price. This allows brands that are trying to break into the influencer scene a chance to be competitive with compensation and be able to hire some excellent talent.

Authenticity – A micro influencer will likely have a more authentic message and a deeper connection with their audience. They have a dedicated following with whom they have built trust, and probably will engage with that audience in a very personal way.

Relevant results – On social media, followers and likes can sometimes be misleading. Big followings and lots of likes don’t always translate into clicks or sales. Often a smaller, more engaged following is paying closer attention to messaging from a micro influencer.

More collaborative – With larger influencers, sometimes you get what you get. Micro influencers are often more willing to collaborate on content. That being said, you still want it to be authentic, so it’s ideal to let your micro influencer lead the messaging.

Loyalty all around – Micro influencers might be more loyal to your brand as they try to establish themselves in the influencer marketplace. You might be able to secure several posts instead of just one. Additionally, since their followers are so loyal, you could develop a fan base from just this one influencer’s followers.

Selecting the right micro influencer
There’s a lot to consider in choosing the right influencer for your brand. You’ll want to make sure that they have a good reputation, produce quality content, that their numbers look good and that engagement is high. There are plenty of benefits to working with micro influencers, so it’s important to do your research and make sure that you select one that is the right fit for your brand.

Micro influencers give big benefits
Micro influencers are small, but mighty. As they often have a deeper connection with their followers, you might find that you can access a highly targeted and engaged group at a more cost-effective rate. Additionally, with an authentic message from a trusted source, your brand could cultivate a loyal following of promoters.

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